"After years of community involvement as a bilingual teacher, 24-Hour Relay organizer, civic volunteer, and leader, I am prepared to serve on SLO City Council.

San Luis Obispo faces challenges that my determination and experience will help to address.

These involve planning for more frequent and extended droughts, finding solutions for traffic congestion and parking, protecting the functionality and growth of the San Luis Obispo County Airport, advocating for workforce housing, caring for our homeless population, dredging Laguna Lake, beautifying recreational areas, building Class 1 bike paths, finding solutions for rising crime, supporting campaign finance reform, assuring responsible fiscal and environmental processes, and preserving beloved viewsheds and open space.

I will improve and strengthen all of our neighborhoods by working with neighborhood groups, city advisory boards, students, and other community organizations.

I will do everything within my power to protect our small town quality of life while enhancing and safeguarding our City's economic, social and environmental health and vitality.

I have raised a family and thrived here for 25 years. Now, I would be honored to serve you on the City Council. I am good listener, leader and long-term planner who will deliver on making San Luis Obispo a great place to work, learn and live."

- Mila Vujovich - La Barre