This energetic individual was born in Glendale, California in 1956. Her childhood years were spent in Glendale, Menlo Park and La Jolla, excelling in school and recreating. Most summers were spent traveling throughout the United States via a family-owned tour business for teens. That is when her passion for smart, urban planning and development began! College years were spent at UCSB, where she secured BA's in both Spanish and History, and a Life Teaching Credentials for Multiple Subject K-12, Spanish and History. She was thankful to have backpacked throughout  Europe and Mexico prior to becoming a bride. In 1981, she married Merchant Marine Ron La Barre. His work schedule allowed them to travel extensively and it allowed Mila to become involved in community service when he was at sea. In 1989, they started a wonderful family that they raised here on the Central Coast. The two La Barre daughters - Danica and Jorja - are now both terrific young adults. Affectionately known as "Mrs. La Barre," she has taught in the San Luis Coastal Unified School District since 1983. Although she secured her Masters in Educational Administration in 2004, she loves being in the classroom still with her students. She has used her administrative training in a variety of other ways. Mila originally became recognized by community members when she worked with school staff, administration and business leaders and co-founded the 24-Hour Relay Challenge at San Luis Obispo High School, County Friday Night Live, The Endowment for the Advancement of Children (TEACh Foundation) and the Mayor's Award for Community Service all within a four-year time frame. In 1999, politics tugged on her heart strings when the integrity of the Damon-Garcia Sports Fields was threatened. Certain developers wanted to put a four-lane truck highway adjacent to the sports fields next to the South Hills Open Space. Due to Mila's involvement, working with the Army Corps of Engineers for over 18 months,  the sports fields were constructed but the road was not permitted. Mila was told by business insiders to "follow the money." The road was caused by a proposed commercial development on the 131-acre parcel of Class 1 agricultural land known as "The Dalidio " development. This lead her to becoming the President of Save San Luis Obispo, a City-wide referendum that was victorious in 2005 that stopped a mega-mall from being constructed on that land. Since then, for the last 11 years, she has continued to teach, be politically active, network with people from a variety of backgrounds, and involve herself in projects and events that make San Luis Obispo  wonderful!