I have followed City fiscal matters and remain concerned about the City's unfunded liabilities. I have participated in City workshops setting goals for allocating and raising money via Measure G. But, on the expenditure side of the equation, we need to require developers to pay their share of off-site infrastructure costs. We can no longer absorb these costs on behalf of the developer. We need to require greater water offsets, impact fees and hook-up fees for new development sufficient to pay for improving the treatment and transportation of our water. We, the residents, should not have to carry the burden of these costs for new development. We need to increase the in lieu fees for off-site parking that will actually cover the costs of building new parking garages. We need to stop hiring expensive consultants who are doing the work our in-house specialists should be doing. We need to stop growing city staff and offering them bonuses on top of their high salaries. Finally, we need to pay down our pension fund liabilities.