San Luis Obispo is one of the best places in the entire world to live. However, the escalating costs of housing here has been in the news for the last decade. 

These two factors are obviously related. Nevertheless, we should not further escalate the cost of housing by creating more jobs for workers who compete to live here or by allowing Cal Poly to grow their enrollments resulting in even higher rents. Higher rents further drive up the cost of housing. The Council regularly reviews the growth in square footage of commercial development to see that it does not exceed 1% per year. We need to translate this square footage into the actual number of new employees to better get a handle on our jobs-housing imbalance.  Cal Poly's Master Plan shows an increase in on-campus housing. Let's make that possible by encouraging more public-private partnerships with developers who want to build dormitory-style housing in our neighborhoods - those projects should be on the Cal Poly campus. Whether people are owners or renters, let's promote neighborhoods that are safe and cohesive!