Neighborhoods are the heart and soul of our City. I have worked with representatives of Residents for Quality Neighborhoods (RQN) and other groups for over two decades. Since San Luis Obispo is comprised of over 60% rental homes, we need to make sure that property owners and renters feel that their neighborhoods are being well-kept and protected. Firstly, Cal Poly should not be allowed to grow its enrollment as this will result in more residents moving away. Homes that were once owner-occupied will be snatched up by developers who know that renting to students will give them a better return on their investment. Secondly, Cal Poly should continue to build more on-campus housing. Thirdly, new de-facto student housing should not be infilled into R-1 or R-2 neighborhoods. Finally, the City Council should more willingly lend an ear to concerns brought before them by our neighborhood groups.