I have participated in multiple workshop, for over two decades, to protect our open space. Over the years, I have always supported The Sierra Club and The Land Conservancy politically. As previously mentioned, I am the only City Council Candidate to receive the endorsement from The Sierra Club. 

I constantly advocate for open space and for preserving our viewsheds every time that new development is considered, whether it be at a small meeting with developers or neighborhood members or at City Council, Planning Commission or advisory body meetings. 

Time after time, residents have stated that open space and viewsheds are of the utmost concern. I share that vision. 

The LUE Citizen’s Task Force recommended a viewshed analysis be undertaken and I will push for this to happen. Open space should include our parks and I will advocate for a much needed park in the North Broad Street neighborhood. Trail maintenance within our green belts is important but also access from our neighborhoods to these trails should be improved and properly signed.